Control Elements

Control Elements

Cold room control elements are a kind of control means that can keep the room temperature and humidity level constant at the desired level. Control devices are used in places where temperature and humidity are required to be adjustable, such as cold rooms and cold storages.

It is used to increase the efficiency of both small and large applications.

Also, systems can be customized. It is designed to increase energy savings.

Thus, it reduces operating costs and helps to protect the environment. Our solutions, as we focus on end user needs; synonymous with quality, ease of use and efficiency.


The effective alarm management system easily detects alarm conditions and sends the necessary warnings to ensure optimum operation of the application.


Continuous data recording, HACCP reports and timely alarm notifications guarantee the quality of fresh and frozen foods and ensure compliance with standards.


It has the maximum connectivity possibility with hardware with USB, Ethernet, RS485 and modem connection ports.


Optimizes the application's functionality by increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs thanks to special algorithms and constant energy consumption tracking.


The user interface can be used with all new web browsers. There is no need to install any additional software. It is also fully compatible with touch screen technologies.


We optimize consumption with our environmentally friendly, innovative and efficient applications, and show our respect to the environment by reducing waste, environmental pollution and gas emissions.