Plywood Floor Panel

Plywood Floor Panel

Polyurethane (PUR) Insulated

It is used in cold room floors. It has a distributed load carrying capacity of 2000 kg / cm². The upper surface of the panel is formed by 10 mm thick plywood. Optionally, non-slip CrNi or PVC coated sheet metal can be used on the plywood layer. There is a lock system on the floor panels.

Panel Width: 1.150 mm
Panel Thickness: 80 – 200 mm
Panel Length: 8 m
Sheet Thickness: 0,5 mm
Thermal Conductivity: ≤ 0,023 W/m.K
Sound insulation : 21 ,5 d B
Density: 40 – 42 kg/m3
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Property Value
Insulation Material Polyurethane (PUR)
Insulation Thickness 50 60 80 100 120 150 180 200
R Value (h·ft²·°F/Btu) 16 19 21 26 31 39 42 52
U Value (W/m2 K) 0,36 0,32 0,27 0,22 0,18 0,15 0,12 0,11
Insulation Density 40-42 kg / m 3 (Standard)
Flammability Class B s2 d0 (TS EN 13501-1)
Outer Surface Polyester, PVC, Galvaniz veya CrNi

Sandwich panels produced with eccentric lock system can be easily combined thanks to this system. Thanks to the male-female joint detail between the two joint surfaces, a perfect, heat-bridged, leak-proof joint is provided after application.

With the interlocking of the sandwich panels thanks to their male female form, no intermediate connection elements are needed, so its installation is quick and practical.

Sandwich panels can be easily applied in steel constructions or reinforced concrete buildings thanks to their modular structure.