Meat Products Processing and Preservation Facility

Et Ürünleri İşleme ve Muhafaza Tesisi

Meat Products Processing and Storage Facility

  • In cold rooms or integrated meat processing plants, the purpose of the storage of meat and meat products is to prevent the decomposition and spoilage of the products and make the reproduction conditions of the microorganisms causing them to be inconvenient.
  • When this is accomplished, the effects of physical, chemical, and enzymatic factors that cause decomposition of meat and meat products as well as microorganisms can be greatly slowed down and stopped.
  • The methods used to increase the durability of meat and meat products can be classified as physical and chemical methods.
  • Physical methods: Cooling, Freezing, Drying, Heating
  • Chemical Methods: Salting, Curing, Fumigation, Irradiation, Using Chemical Preservatives, Fermentation
  • The purpose of storing products in cold rooms is to reduce the internal temperature of the carcass (whole) or piece of meat formed as rigor mortis to +4 degrees.
  • 1/2 or 1/4 of cattle and buffalo carcasses are kept in cold rooms while beef, sheep, and goat carcasses can be preserved as a whole.