Split Cooling Units

Split Refrigeration Units

Split cooling units are condensing units that can be used in all commercial and industrial refrigeration applications such as showcase-type refrigerators, cold rooms, ice machines, ice cream machines, etc. They are specifically designed for quiet operation. In addition to minimizing the noise level with the use of silent fans in the units, acoustic insulation is also applied with the installation of compressors in a separate compartment. Thus, the sound that may occur when the condensing unit is in operation is minimized.

Split cooling units are produced in a wide range of models and offer special models depending on various usage areas.

Hermetic units for low cooling capacities, scroll units for low and medium cooling capacities, and semi-hermetic compressor units for medium cooling capacities are available.

  • Advantages
  • Technicial Specifications
  • Optional Features
  • System Diagram
  • Standards
  • High efficiency
  • Quality equipment
  • Canopy resistant to external influences
  • Easy installation and installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Floor or wall mounting
  • Wide product range
  • Complete, ready-made product
  • Special models and designs
  • Electrostatic powder coated cabinet
  • Phase protection relay
  • Contactor in three-phase compressors
  • Crankcase heater
  • Cu / Al Condenser
  • High pressure switch
  • Low pressure switch
  • Fan speed control
  • Drayer
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Gas gauge with moisture indicator
  • Service and maintenance valve on the liquid line
  • Integrated electrical panel
  • Liquid flow control solenoid
  • Electrical isolation
  • Electronic fan speed control
  • Suction line accumulator
  • Low-High pressure switch
  • Oil separator
  • Acoustic sound insulation